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Za Zemiata (For the Earth) is a Bulgarian environmental non-governmental organisation, registered in 1995 and determined to work for sustainable life on our planet and combat exploitation of people and nature.

Za Zemiata strives for an outward-oriented policy and activities are carried out in co-operation with volunteers and other Bulgarian NGOs. Za Zemiata is the representative organisation of the Central - and Eastern European Bankwatch network and of the International Energy Brigades, and a member of GAIA and SEEEN (South Eastern Europe Environmental NGO) networks.

Za Zemiata is committed to:

  • Suggesting and developing positive and sustainable alternatives to socially and environmentally harmful activities and projects;

  • Actively involving in civil society building and raising awareness among the grassroots about existing environmental problems and ways to counteract;

  • Networking and co-operation between local and international non-governmental groups.
  • The main campaign and activities of the organization include:

    Sustainable Energy Campaign
    It aims at developing an alternative energy strategy for Bulgaria which put stress on the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy as alternative to the electricity production of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant. The Clean Energy Brigades's main activity is installing insulation and energy saving materials at social houses for children and old people, dissemination of publication materials, organization of public discussions on topics, related to energy. Several orphanages, social houses, schools and kindergartens were insulated during the last two years.

    The CEE Bankwatch network
    The aim of the network and the of Bulgarian branch is to monitor the activities of International Financial Institutions (IFIs) in CEE countries and their social and environmental impacts. The Bankwatch activities are connected with promotion of public participation in decision-making process and the provoktion of sustainability measures in official policies.

    Transport Campaign
    It comprises various activities for promoting environmentally sound models of urban transport like constructing bicycle lanes and preferential development of the electrified public transport. The activities within this campaign include regular "Reclaim the Streets" campaigns along the main streets in cities.

    Public Participation in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure
    This campaign strives for the strict application of the EIA procedure in the fulfillment of projects with national and local significance, informing the public and provoking public hearings. The activities include preparation and dissemination of publications, instigation of public discussions and press conferences with governmental, non-governmental representatives and local people, bringing the problems of the local people to the decision-making authorities.

    Sustainable Waste Management Campaign
    The activities of in this field include promotion and practical application of effective waste separation and recycling system for the household and industrial waste in Bulgaria. The projects realized so far include "Alternatives to the plastic bags and packing", Waste Management in Protected Territories", "Separate Waste Collection in Schools".

    Publishing an Environmental Magazine "Po Ruba"(Along the Edge)
    The "Po Ruba" magazine is aimed to contribute to the free flow of information and new ideas in the Bulgarian society. The magazine covers issues which the main-stream media avoids or does not consider a priority. It strives to be a tool of the Bulgarian NGOs in popularizing their activities as well as bringing the international experience to the Bulgarian background.

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