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Monitoring the activities of International Financial Institutions
Environmental Association "For the Earth"(Za Zemiata) is a member group of the CEE Bankwatch Network since 1997. As a member, "For the Earth" develops a campaing for monitoring the activities of International Financial Institutions, such as the European Investment Bank, World Bank and ISPA pre-accssion fund of the European Union. The activities within the frames of this campaing include: informing civil society about the projects financed by IFIs and possible impacts on environment and people, assisting local population affected by the implementation of such projects, preventing their negative impacts on environmenta and people, and promotion of sustainable alternatives for development.

Information about projects financed by the EIB

Guidelines for access to information and monitoring projects by:
European Investment Bank
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Who is who in the International Finacial Institutions
European Investment Bank

Good municipal projects in the areas of Energy efficiency and Renewable

Criteria for good projects
In this section we are giving explanation how one municipality can estimate whether its project is good and will be sustainable.

Examples of good projects from Bulgaria
Here we give some examples of projects from Bulgaria, which we see as good in one or another way, having in mind the criteria, which you can see up. The projects are divided into followed groups according to its link to specific types of energy:

Energy efficiency projects
Geothermal projects

Links to databases with good projects and different financial programs and instruments

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